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10 historical facts about Faraba
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10 historical facts about Faraba

Faraba is a village in Kombo East that was founded more than 600 years ago by the Sanyangs. Here are 10 historical facts about Faraba:

Faraba's first ruler was Farang Nghally Sanyang. He lived in Faraba Sutu with his elder brother, but they later relocated after discovering Faraba Bantang.

The chieftaincy for Kombo East was in Faraba for many years until after the military takeover in 1994 when it was moved to Pirang with the appointment of the late Kebba Touray as chief by the military junta. But it later returned to Faraba with the appointment of Nfansu Jung Conteh. It was again moved by ex-President Jammeh to Sohm with the appointment of Basiru Jarju.

After the end of Jammeh's 22-year-old rule, the chieftaincy was returned to Faraba with the appointment of Bakary Sanyang, the current chief who was also the incumbent chief at the time of the 1994 military takeover.

The most popular chief in Faraba's history was Seyfo Fa Touray Sanyang. He was also a revered Islamic scholar and a strong ally of former President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara. The extraordinary congress of the PPP on The Gambia’s second referendum to become a republic took place in Faraba Banta in the bushes.

Faraba also has an alkalo. Omar Kujabi is the current Alkalo.

Faraba is among the fastest-growing villages in the country. One of the new settlements on the outskirts of the village, Faraba Kaira now has its own alkalo, Kemo Colley.

The new campus of the University of The Gambia is under Alkalo Omar Kujabi.

Faraba has a sacred well known as Jibandi Kollong which is surrounded by a crocodile habitat largely unmanaged. It is believed to be the base of the jinns of Faraba. The Mansa Kunda family remains the custodians of the sacred well and its surroundings.

Faraba has an island called Jafaye. It is the traditional base of the Jarumeh clan. It is also believed to be inhabited by jinns.

Revered Sheriff Sheikh Mahfouz first settled in Faraba before any other settlement in The Gambia. This is the reason why during their annual pilgrimage to The Gambia, the Sheriff clan always visits Faraba.

Thank you to Pa Khalifa Sanyang.

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