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10-year-old British boy explains why he loves Gambia
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10-year-old British boy explains why he loves Gambia

“It looks very beautiful and the children seem so happy and they get to run around a lot,” said Leo Denton.

The ten-year-old British boy recently had a chat with What’s On-Gambia during which he revealed his love for The Gambia.

“I didn’t visit The Gambia but my mum did and she told me all about it. I sent special toys for my mum to give to the children on her trip and she gave them to a special family that she stayed with in Manduar,” said Leo.

When asked what are some of the places his mum visited during her trip to the country, the 10-year-old responded: “My mum went to James Island and she went with her friends from university to see how life was for the slaves. She visited lots of villages and helped lots of children in the hospital. She saw crocodiles and monkeys and wild dogs.”

Leo continued: “The people are kind and the sun is always shining and it often rains in England. I told my teacher and my school friends all about my mum’s trip to The Gambia. I showed them my presents and told them how kind the people were. I showed them the flag and the special drum that my mum bought for me.”

The schoolboy told What’s On-Gambia that he intends to visit the country soon and meet some of the friends his mum made during her trip. 


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