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3 reasons Gambian men prefer marrying diaspora women
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3 reasons Gambian men prefer marrying diaspora women

Here are three reasons Gambian men prefer diaspora women as their wives:

Better sex

Many Gambian men, especially the educated ones, are fed up with home-based Gambian women and their lack of passion and silence in the bedroom. Women who would just lay on their backs like deadwood.

The diaspora women love sex and they are good at it. They always keep an eye out for new and different ways to make the bedroom more interesting. During sex, they moan, scream and always offer words of encouragement.  They want to be the best and take pride in being skilful. Thank you!

Financial independence

Home-based women hardly contribute financially to anything.  This is one of the reasons why many Gambian men are turning their back on them.

Diaspora women are always financially independent. They don't see their husbands as ATMs, but partners in everything. One of them who recently got married to a senior police officer told us: "We share all of the expenses of our life together."

Holidays together

Diaspora women sometimes invite their husbands to their countries in Europe and America and treat them to a refreshing break from their normal day-to-day life in The Gambia.

Home-based women are so complicated. They always complain when their husbands take regular breaks or vacations that allow them to relax.


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