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33,000 hits in one week! Nfally Fadera’s Bitilo Kibaro climbs to new high
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33,000 hits in one week! Nfally Fadera’s Bitilo Kibaro climbs to new high

It’s official! Bitilo Kibaro is the biggest online/radio news program in The Gambia.

The Mandinka news review podcast can now boast of an average weekly hits of over 25, 000 on Soundcloud. Just last week, the program recorded over 33, 000 hits in one week.

Commenting on the genesis and success of the program, Nfally Fadera said: “Gambia Bitilo Kibaro wasdesigned to inform and educate the unlettered masses of news and current affairs in a language they understand. It has been up and running for five consecutive years across different mediums. To respond to the demands of the growing Gambian online community, especially those living in the Diaspora, I decided to be more creative and innovative by taking the news online in the form of podcasts.”

He added: “Over the years, we have succeeded in demonstrating high level of accuracy, balance and credibility in the conduct of our affairs. Additionally, we are disciplined in our daily publications by making the podcast is available every day despite busy schedules. Being extremely reliable makes us the most sought-after news program coming out of the country.’’

A snapshot of the statistics of the podcast made available to What’s On-Gambia indicates the program is listened from the most unlikeliest of places around the world; countries as far as India, Qatar, Kenya, Korea, Brazil, Philippines and Angola.

“The feedback we often receive from around the world is that Bitilo Kibaro dominates discussions at dinner table conversations and social gatherings in Gambian communities abroad’’ said Nfally. However, he added: ‘’it’s fair to say that Italy ranks first in the top five together with Italy, Germany, Spain, France, UK and US’’.

 The award-winning broadcaster appealed for support from members of the public and business community to ensure sustainable production and publication of the program.

“Supporting this program means supporting grassroots development and good governance in the country because an informed citizenry is a plus for any democracy. I call on the private sector to do business with us as we are the surest way of reaching the Diaspora which form a key component of the drivers of the economy. We are witnessing an increase in number of Gambians settling abroad, and these people must plough back their wealth in the country. Thus, we are the best avenue for business targeting the Diaspora.’’

Bitilo Kibaro, which is primarily broadcast on Soundcloud and distributed on Facebook, is also relayed on Vibes FM radio.

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