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50,000 supporters expected at APRC’s rally on Saturday
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50,000 supporters expected at APRC’s rally on Saturday

The first major APRC rally since the departure of former President Yahya Jammeh planned for this Saturday is expected to draw 50,000 party supporters, according to the organisers.

The party’s spokesperson, Seedy Njie, who is among the organisers of the event, said the rally will go down in history as the biggest political gathering since The Gambia gained independence from Great Britain.

“The rally will see 50,000 APRC supporters thronged the Buffer Zone in Tallinding.”

According to him, the program would include activities such as cultures performances from the different ethnic groups in The Gambia.

The outspoken young politician, who once served as a National Assembly member, denied rumours that the rally is sponsored by the former president who currently lives in exile in Equatorial Guinea.

“The rally is self-sponsored. I mean it is sponsored by grassroots supporters and sympathisers as well as our Diaspora branch.”

Seedy rubbished claims that the APRC is dead.

“Our party is the biggest in The Gambia, no one can proof that wrong. All those who want the party dead or claiming such an elusive dream should come to the Buffer Zone to either confirm its strength or weakness. The proof of a delicious meal lies in the eating.”

The Nianija-born politician disclosed that former President Jammeh is no longer an active member of their party because “he’s not within the jurisdiction of The Gambia.”

“APRC is being run by vibrant party surrogates (executive) headed by the interim party leader, H.E Fabakary Tombong Jatta.”

On the frequent arrest of their party militants by the Police for criticising the Coalition government, Seedy said: The frequent arrest and questioning of party supporters and surrogates including the party leader are tactics to scare our supporters mainly due to the rising unprecedented surge in support for the APRC. They are just wasting their time, our party is more cohesive and formidable today than ever before and our supporters are more determined and willing to rally behind the party’s leadership.”

The APRC spokesperson disclosed that a permit for the rally has been obtained from the office of the Inspector General of Police, but couldn’t confirm whether they would provide them with security. 


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