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99 problems from 99 Gambians!
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99 problems from 99 Gambians!

Are you wondering about the problems affecting Gambians? Read below:

Thomas De Beule, Belgian-Gambian social activist: Well, my main problem is with Gambians. When you want to give them advice some think that you are insulting them and they get angry, while in majority of other countries people are thankful for advice.

Fatou Dibba, former GRTS presenter:Shallow and callow minded people, who constantly sow seeds of discord and instead of resolving  issues in a more dignified manner, they come up with vindictive schemes to cause one another embarrassment and pain.

Omar Jallow, US-based social activist:My biggest problem is why Gambians got so many IDEAS with no SOLUTIONS, especially since the inception of the WWW. Now we have so many experts and most without any results in their supposedly expertise.

Hydara Karara, social commentator:My biggest problem is seeing my Gambian brothers treating our own sisters like dogs in their matrimonial houses. I stand to say NO to domestic violence against our sisters in all forms. Real men treat women like queens.

Deejay Limbo, Gambian musician in Austria: Disrespecting an elderly person or disrespecting someone via social media that you don't know or won't have the guts to disrespect in real life is my problem.

Omie Love Garba, Miss Gambia USA:My problem is that sometimes I get over ambitious, so much dreams and goals.

Jennie C. Conan, biracial German with Gambian dad: My biggest problem would be that I'm foreign in my two homelands: I'm white in The Gambia and black in Germany.

Marcia Mendy, UK-based gender activist:We are good at brushing our problems under the carpet and convince ourselves that all is well. Yallah bakh naa, lep dina bakh.

Mamaa Touray, US-based model:My problem is the rainy season, when there's static water in the streets and a car passes by and splashes water all over you. Happened to me once.

Yusuf Badjie, social commentator:My problem is that one spends more than he earns, the basic needs are getting high prices while salary is still low.

Modou Lamin Jammeh, journalist: I cannot do without ataya.

Sarjo Tamba, UK-based social commentator:My problem is the lack of civic awareness in our country and also in the school curriculum.

Bakary Sonko, film producer: The negativity of people towards Gambian Art is my problem.

Sainey Darboe, former editor - Standard Newspaper:I have trouble keeping my mouth shut. It is going to get me in trouble someday.

Alagie Mbye, Europe-based musician: My problem is: Gambian youths trying to imitate the Jamaican pasa pasa dance which is not compatible with our culture. Demonstrating sexual positions and showing private parts is not part of dance.

Sainey MK Marenah, Dakar-based journalist: My problem is we Gambians don’t trust each other. Hypocrisy!

Modou Sowe, market vendor: In Brikama, we are paying duty everyday while the market is not always in good condition. It's always dirty and nasty, especially the toilets.

Hellen Maroun, businesswoman:My problem is I cannot stand frogs!! Biggest and worst fear!!

Afrodeezy Njie, TV presenter:I honestly don't have a problem! My only problem is What’s On-Gambia trying to find out people's problems.

Sheriffo Ceesay, migrant in Spain: I have no job in Spain, been here for more than a year. It is hard.

Abdou Rahman Jawara, US-based social activist:Women abusers and child molesters are my real problem. Saying no to violence against women, child abuse and trafficking of girl for labor or sex.

Chris Black, event organizer:I take good care of myself to the extend where everyone thinks am wealthy. Not that I am rich but I try to gather all my needs at the right time.

Andrew Sambou, Sweden-based social activist:My problem is the infighting at work places. Colleagues taking each other to marabouts and fighting over position.

Tida Badjie, model:Well, money is my problem. I am going in and out from one office to another everyday looking for a job. I want to help my family.

Musa Bah, nurse: My salary is meager and the food prices are escalating every day.

Saikou Suwareh Jabai, journalist and social activist:My problem? I would say money. The little with me is not adequate and yet my wants keep on rocketing like a U.S jet.

Prince Almamah James Manga, police prosecutor:Young girls following married men is my problem!

Nfally Fadera, journalist: My problem is time. I barely have time for anything but work. My friends, family, granny and even my girlfriend complain about it. It hurts a number of my relationship.

Ebrima Ceesay, migrant in Italy:Divorce! Sometimes they just can’t fix the problems and decide that divorce is the best solution.

Ibraheem Siacka Pharty, US-based Gambian:My own problem is finding a good girl these days who's not a gold digger, I mean our own sisters back home.

Mb Leigh, university student in Finland:Gambians like complaining without any action. Everyone keeps saying deyka bi dafa meeti. We don’t tell each other the truth.

Dembo Jobarteh, civil servant and artist manager:My problem is the high dependency ratio. A grown-ass man depending entirely on his father, mother or brother when he has all the strength to work.

Matty Amie Jobe, theatre manager:My problem is when I loan money to people, they hardly pay back. No wonder petty traders never make money!

Editor’s note: We cannot publish all the 99 problems due to space problem. Special thanks to all those who volunteered to take part. Star ngen!


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