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Meet the girl who gained online fame after bashing semesters
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Meet the girl who gained online fame after bashing semesters

She is right now the most talked about young Gambian woman as she set out on an online campaign to expose fake semesters.

Elisabeth Aisha Chorr has gained Facebook fame overnight after posting videos, bashing and ranting about the world of lies that semesters live in.

According to her, most of them visiting the country are ’fake’. He also criticised the semesters for forcing themselves to sound and act like an American..

“It doesn’t worth it to live a fake life, coming here lying to people,” she complained. “They are the reason why most of the boys are risking their lives to take the back way to Europe.”

Was her outrage inspired by her personal experiences with semesters? Or, was she speaking up for others?

 Who is this Aisha?

Born in a Christian family, she converted to Islam and took up the name Aisha. According to one of her friends, Aisha was a model but she quit in 2013 after been accused of theft by the organisers of Fashion Weekend Gambia.

“2013 was a very difficult year for her. She lost her mum and [she] was also abandoned by most of her colleagues in the fashion industry,” said the friend.

Aisha is a single mother and currently unemployed.

Her friend added: “She has always been famous nak. She’s a people’s person until when the theft incident happened. I am so glad that she has regained her confidence and is happy again.”

Aisha has more than 4500 friends on Facebook, some of them famous celebrities like rapper Killa Ace, actress Princess Shygle, producer Hakim and former Minister Fatim Badjie.

Her favorite international musicians include Tiwa Savage, John Legend, Kanye West, Jay Z and Etana.

Shortly after finding fame on Facebook, she posted a photo of herself with her son. She wrote: “My baby and I appreciate you all.”

Most of the Gambians online reacted positively to her videos, with some of them encouraging her to keep them coming.

One Sidi Jobe commented: “We need more videos for reality check.”

Babou Njie Sallah, a famous activist living in the UK added: “Great video. Keep it coming. You should have a talk show. I love the humour.”

Is not yet clear whether Aisha will continue posting videos on Facebook. 


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