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Africell’s blunder ruins Waka Jagne’s New Year party
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Africell’s blunder ruins Waka Jagne’s New Year party

The Swag In Da City party, held at Duplex nightclub last Saturday had everything in place, but one main ingredient was missing – a huge crowd. 

We don’t know the exact number of people that attended it, but according to our source it was less than 150 people on the dancing floor.  This raises the question, “what went wrong?”

In a brief telephone interview, the organizer Waka Jagne told What’s On-Gambia that his party was sabotaged.  He blamed Africell and Duplex nightclub for the less-than-impressive turnout. 

Few weeks before the event, Waka contacted the mobile telecommunications company to help promote Swag In Da City to a wider audience. 

“They agreed to help through mass text messaging. But they gave their subscribers the wrong date. Instead of Saturday 4th January, they wrote that the party is on Friday, 3rd January. I noticed it very later,” he said. 

The UK-based event promoter added that during the early hours of the party, the standby generator at Duplex nightclub suddenly went off leaving his guests in darkness. 

He continued: “Most of them left for the other nightclubs in the area. So very few people were around when the light came back and the invited artists couldn’t perform.” 

Waka Jagne told What’s On-Gambia that he is slightly disappointed with the infighting in the entertainment industry but will continue to organize events for his fans in the country. 

“I want to thank the proprietor of Duplex Nightclub for his support after hearing what happened. My apology to all my fans,” he said. 


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