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Against odd, Halima Sallah graduates with honours
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Against odd, Halima Sallah graduates with honours

Halima Sallah who was married to former president Yahya Jammeh is becoming an inspiration to many young women who are struggling to find their strength to fight the fight.

At the tender age of 18, she became a wife to one of the most ruthless leaders in the world.  Halima was kept in complete isolation in one of his villas at the Paradise Estate.

Less than one year into the marriage, Jammeh ended the union without an explanation.

“He divorced her and refused to let her go. The girl was left to fend for herself. One of Jammeh’s cousins, Pa Bojang was nearly jailed for helping her with food and household items,” a source disclosed to What’s On-Gambia.

The source added: “She was also denied visits from her friends and family for over six months.”

Somehow, she managed to leave The Gambia for England to shape her post-divorce life. With the help of her parents, she enrolled at the York University for a Bachelor’s Degree and kept a very low profile.

After four years of hard work, Halima graduated last week with second class honours. According to our source, she is starting her Master’s Degree in September.

What an inspirational journey! Congratulations, Halima!


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