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Introducing the Coalition Defence League
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Introducing the Coalition Defence League

In case you are wondering who the members of this league are, here are some facts you may want to know.

Coalition Defence League (CDL) is more of a ghost organization if you like; it is not registered, has no website and not even a Facebook account.

Are you thinking what we are thinking? This league mainly comprised of Gambians living abroad who are obsessed with the coalition government. In fact, they refer to the Adama Barrow led government as their baby and are willing to put their lives on the line if anyone attempts to suffocate it to death.

Now let us examine some of the members:

A key player in the league is Pata Saidykhan – a US-based activist who is extensively considered to be among the most influential young Gambians on social media. Here is what he told What’s On Gambia shortly after Barrow was declared the winner of the December Presidential elections.

“I see a lot of humility in Barrow. He also crossed me as a good listener and a team player. Plus the good thing about this coalition is that it is non-partisan.”

Pata has no iota of doubt that the coalition will do well before the end of their mandate.

Former GRTS reporter cum student leader, Ahmed Gitteh is another force to reckon with in the CDL.

He is one of the favourites among the young coalition supporters in the Diaspora and his Facebook videos in which he defended and promoted the coalition government garnered more than 50,000 views.

Gitteh is also a bona fide member of the United Democratic Party which explains it all.

Another prominent member of the CDL includes Pa Modou Bojang –a former radio station manager and a strong critic of ex-President Yahya Jammeh. Based in England with his family, Pa Modou is bilingual and used to work as a French teacher in Brikama. He has a huge following on social media.

Other members of the league include, Bamba Mass in UK,  Musa Bala Darboe in Germany, Alieu SK Manjang in Qatar, Saikou Jawla in Germany, Fabou Sanneh in USA and  Mariama Sibo Manjang  in UK.

But wait! That’s not the end of the story!

Many Gambians can’t still come to terms with the fact that,  some CDL Members are yet to visit The Gambia since Adama Barrow was sworn in as the country’s third President. Your guess is as good as ours!


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