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Aisha Chorr tells honey babies: Baaylen jekaary jamburr-yi
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Aisha Chorr tells honey babies: Baaylen jekaary jamburr-yi

Aisha Chorr’s online Robin Hood campaign to disabuse young girls on the tricks and traps of men with bourgeois weakness is showing no sign of abating.

The activist, whose recent outrage over ‘fake semesters’ had gone viral this time launched an attack at young girls aka honey babies who fling about with married men.

In a five minute video posted on her Facebook page, she disclosed that some of the girls date men that are old enough to be their dad.

According to Aisha, the girls trade intimacy for money, hitting at sugar daddies that can subsidize their lifestyle.

“These men play with you and after they return straight into the arms of their wives. This should stop,” said the controversial mother-of-one.

She added: “We should stop being side chicks. I refused to be a side chick.”

Aisha claimed most of the gifts the girls receive from their sugar daddies come at a steep price.  They are sexually exploited with some of them forced to commit abortion.

But Aisha alone is not with the experience. Commenting on the video post, one Fatou Nyang alleged the sugar daddies hardly use condoms when having sex with their honey babies.

She wrote: “They don't protect themselves and [are] going around having sex with many different young girls. I met a sugar daddy on one wedding party he never saw me before, he don't know where I come from - if I was sick or not he wanted me to go with him in a hotel and sleep with him.  Please girls, be careful with sugar daddies because they already live their lives and they don't mind to die!!!”

Aisha ended by appealing to young girls to embrace attitudinal change and shun all forms of activities that could harm their future. 


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