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All you need to know about Africell Call Center girls
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All you need to know about Africell Call Center girls

If you place a call to Africell, you probably will be mesmerized by the infectious female voice from the other end of the line eager to help fix your problem. But here’s an insider’s revelations that gives you a rare insight into the world of deception, backstabbing and prostituting that happens in those air-conditioned fancy buildings.  

Social media becomes the platform for people to show their anger and frustration when they have a beef with a friend, colleague or they just not satisfy with the situation they find themselves in.

If you are paid every month you should make sure every minute counts while at work. You need a conducive environment to work and earn a living and if your company delays in meeting some of your needs you resort to Facebook to show your frustration. I will describe the kind of agents we have in 24/7:

The side talker

This person thinks she knows everything. She is mostly a lazy person who selfishly tarnishes your image because she just doesn't like you. Know what you say in front of her because she always uses them against you.

Do the Job and get paid

This Agent is very hard working and report to work on time. She doesn’t really care if changes are taking place or not. All she wants is get paid at the end of the month.

The snitch

A green snake in a green grass.  She pretends to be cool but deep down in her heart is a very dark spot. She talks behind your back and spreads rumors. Taking information to the boss because you want to be promoted is not the solution. Dega degaa Africell call center agents den buga lu yomba. Legay len tee bail wahh bi. Receiving a salary of D3500 or more is not bad because most companies or organizations won't give you that. Including insurance cover of D10, 000 to D15, 000 social security, monthly provisions, tips for public holiday and above all bonus at the end of the year. Bail len buga lu yomba ngen job job bi.

Use what you have to get what you want

This agent is the yagediii of the office and nearly all the bosses have a bite of the cake. She doesn’t mind getting laid by the big bosses to have her way or get promoted. Texting, pick up after work and the fun begins. Jigeen dafaa fonkaa bopam. Y yomba kom ABC dafa nyoww.

I respect a lot of my fellow agents because they know what competition means and won't go about telling lies. If you don't like the job you do call it quit. Ken sehalutt la lem purr nga job.

I must commend my manager because she is a professional and cares for her agents. I totally condemn the bad things they say about her, How many problems have she solved? Agents lined up in her office with their personal problems and yet some of them are very ungrateful. A manager who will solve your problem without her right hand noticing it is definitely a good person. Hard work pays off and if you deserve it you will be promoted and your salary increase.

Africell Call Center agents dun demm!!

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