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An Interview with leading Underground Rapper Big Faa
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An Interview with leading Underground Rapper Big Faa


If I were to mention the name Big Faa in a conversation with friends most would look at me and ask –who is he? He is a talented underground rapper, who has worked with the likes of Mo Hawk, Jali Madi and few others.

Big Faa is well known in the music scene for being a key player in the underground hip-hop. He first entered studio in 2003 and came out with the single “This is how we do it.” Despite being a huge talent, the Tallinding-born rapper remained underground continuing to make high quality music.

He took part in different music competitions and was also part of the compilation “Dakar-Banjul” produced by Artistik.

When What’s On-Gambia visited him at his Tallinding home, the rapper disclosed that he is now ready to hit the market with his debut album “Halaltal.”

“I have 13 tracks in the album and they are recorded at different studios,” he said.Big Faa 1

The release of the Halaltal album came after he suddenly ended a contract deal with the Block Studio in PipeLine. According to him, he is now an independent artist working on solo projects with the help of his fans.

“I think I can do the job on my own and I thank God that I have promoters and producers, who are always willing to offer me a helping hand,” he added.

Big Faa’s real name is Musa Gaye. He was born in Tallinding to a Senegalese dad and a Gambian mum. The hardship he has encountered in life and coming from a poor neighborhood inspired him to become a rapper.

“I rap to express myself. I rap to enlighten the people about some of the inequalities in our society.”

The underground rapper told What’s On-Gambia that his music comes from the heart and through real life experiences.

If you want to listen to Big Faa’s debut album run quickly to Paradise FM in Kololi and get your copy!


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