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Are they the richest rappers in the country?
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Are they the richest rappers in the country?

Today, we are going to list the richest rappers in The Gambia. Many Gambian music enthusiasts would like to know if their favorite rapper is on this list.

Please note that this list is purely speculative.


He is undoubtedly the richest rapper in the country and he doesn't mind spending his money. The Brikama-born rapper is currently building a multi-million Dalasi mansion.

Mass 187

He's not very popular outside the Greater Banjul Area. Mass 187 parents are said to be very rich. He is the boss of the Kush Gang.


He's preparing to drop a new album after a successful European tour. Jizzle is also among the richest rappers.


He was recently in the United Kingdom and performed in London, Manchester, and other British cities. But according to rumors, Attack recently fell victim to financial difficulties.


He's very popular among girls. His single "I Can't Kill Myself" gathered over 300,000 views on YouTube. Uchee is dating a rich businesswoman.

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