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“Awa Fatty is a home wrecker…google her,” says Fatu Show fan
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“Awa Fatty is a home wrecker…google her,” says Fatu Show fan

Would it surprise you to hear that Awa Fatty is a home wrecker? This serious allegation was made by a woman who claimed to be a Fatu Show fan. She accused the socialite girl of stealing Fatou Camara’s husband (name withheld).

The woman went further to accuse What’s On-Gambia of siding with Awa and her sisters to dirty the image of the Fatu Show presenter.

In an e-mail she wrote: “You (referring to What’s On –Gambia) are doing a good job, but stop defending the indefensible. I am sure you all know who Awa Fatty is. Besides, she broke a home and stole another woman's man, so don't make that look like it’s cool. Stop taking sides, Fatou is hard working and cannot be compared to Awa. I am her fan and want you to be fair to her.  How is Awa a celebrity? Stop taking sides!”

The woman explained that Fatou Camara’s ex-husband unceremoniously ended the marriage after hooking up with Awa Fatty.  She continued to lambast What’s On Gambia, saying: “Well, Everybody in Gambia knows the Fattys, don’t lose your credibility by making them look good. People know the truth.”

She said that Awa is a ‘gold digger’ and she is only interested in men that are famous and rich. According to her some of the socialite girl’s old flames include businessmen, successful Lebanese and Nigerians.

The woman urged us to google Awa Fatty and find out more about her and her siblings.

According to reliable information reaching us, Fatou Camara is still living in a house own by her former husband.

“She refused to leave. I’m sure the husband will realize his mistake, one day. Fatou is still single and I think there is a possibility of reconciliation. They have a child and I don’t think they are that selfish to harm the innocent boy.”

Awa and Fatou had the most vicious Facebook feud ever in the history of The Gambia, with fans weighing in.

Our reporter has contacted the Fatu Show presenter to ask for an exclusive interview, but she is yet to reply. 


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