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Is it a mistake? Fayer dating music promoter, Bakz Saho
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Is it a mistake? Fayer dating music promoter, Bakz Saho

Model Yama Faye, aka Fayer, and music promoter Bakz Saho are dating, according to reliable information reaching What’s On-Gambia. The pair are said to be determined to make things work.

Recently, Fayer uploaded a photo of Bakz on her personal Facebook and commented: “We are beautiful like diamonds in the sky.”

One of her loyal fans also added: “I wish I could find a better description for dis great union. So happy for you two!! Bakz make sure you take care of ma bbes yea..... Beautiful!”

The model, who caused an online stir after posting ‘artistic’ nude photographs on Facebook, was married to afro-manding star, Jali Madi Kanuteh. Their union was short-lived, blaming it on ‘irreconcilable differences.’  According to a reliable source, they are currently not on speaking terms.  However, in an earlier interview with What’s On-Gambia, Fayer shrug off the rumors.

The source added: “Fayer was staying with Jali’s mum, when she newly arrived in the US. Many of us knew that their marriage was going to collapse. “

The US-based model has known her new boyfriend, Bakz for many years. When our reporter contacted her, she declined to comment.

The new romance seems to be puzzling to many. A musician, who is close to Jali Madi said to What’s On-Gambia: “How can Bakz allow that to happen? He is close to Jali Madi and has supported him during his gigs in the UK. I’m sure Jali will be very disappointed.”

Fayer had a very turbulent post-divorce period, with fans speculating what led to the famous break-up. Jali Madi, on the other hand, was so quick to move on. He was linked to socialite girl, Fatoumatta Jallow and now rumors are swirling around that he is in a serious relationship with part-time model, Anna Manneh.

Yama Faye is unquestionably the country’s most popular model.  She has close to 4,000 people following her on Facebook. Her new flame is a successful music promoter in the UK. Bakz, co-started Gam Music Promotion and he is also the founder and CEO of the Da Mogul Entertainment.  He is well known in the Gambian music scene and has a good professional relationship with almost all the artists.

Will Jali Madi knock on Bakz’ door to ask for assistance again? Let’s wait and see.


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