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Barrow still silent about FGM
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Barrow still silent about FGM

President Adama Barrow is still tight-lipped about Female Genital Mutilation, which is still performed on young girls despite the ban.

In an interview with Paradise FM, famous anti-FGM campaigner and UN Women Regional Goodwill Ambassador for Africa, Jaha Dukureh said it’s high time for the Gambian leader to take a stand on the practice.

“I understand he is trying to be careful because of politics, but he should make his stand known,” she told Journalist Kebba Camara.

FGM, which usually involves the removal of external parts of a girl’s vagina, was banned in 2015 by former President Yahya Jammeh. He won praises from the international community.

Berhane Raswork, a leading anti-FGM activist and the founder of The Inter-African Committee, which operates in 28 African countries to bring an end to FGM, called the move a "positive step".

Amnesty International’s Sabrina Mahtani also praised The Gambia’s move but said, “time will tell whether concrete steps are taken.”

Since Barrow came to power, the ban has been widely ignored.

When is he going to make his stand known?

This is the question many anti-FGM activists are asking right now.

However, the Vice President Aja Fatoumatta Tambajang recently said FGM is an extreme form of discrimination against girls. She supports the ban and wants it to be fully enforced.


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