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Ben TV’s Waka Jagne on the proliferation of Gambian online talk shows
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Ben TV’s Waka Jagne on the proliferation of Gambian online talk shows


Waka Jagne has become a household name for his popular talk show online. Unlike most Gambian online platforms, his Waka Jay Show focuses on portraying the good image of his native country. His creativity and commitment earned him a job placement with Ben TV. In this exclusive interview, he comments on the proliferation of Gambian online talk shows, his interview with President Yahya Jammeh, among others. 

What’s On-Gambia:What is your take on the proliferation of online talk shows that targets Gambians in the diaspora?

Waka: Well recently we have seen a number of Gambian online Talk Shows and Gambian TV Shows on different TV Channel in Europe.

It’s not a bad thing as far as we are all promoting our country in a positive way. I can see that most Gambians wants to be on Television now.

My worry is that whether all these shows will get the support they need in terms of advertisement to sustain the shows. But hey, good luck to all.

When and how did you start your talks show, Waka Jay Show?

I started the Waka Jay Show 7 years ago. By then it was called Talk SeneGambia. Ben TV approached me to start a Gambian show on their channel. Ben TV has been covering most of my events in the UK. Events like Miss SeneGambia UK, SeneGambia Community awards, Gambian Carnival etc etc. They see me as a prominent Gambian in the UK and wanted me to start a Gambian show on their Chanel.

How popular is your show?

I believe most Gambians here, back home and all over Europe know, about the Waka Jay Show.

Can you name us ten important personalities you interviewed on Waka Jay Show?

President Jammeh, Vice President Aja Isatou Njie Saidy, most Gambian Ministers, Gambian High Commissioner UK, Musatapha Njie CEO OF Taf Construction, Alhaji Biri Njie, Mayor of Banjul/Serekunda, Gambian and Senegalese artist' Nigerian and Gambian and Nigerian actors/actresses, international footballers and many more

How did you manage to get a face-to-face with President Jammeh?

Luck and my patriotism I guess. Lucky enough to interview him twice. But on a serious note, I believe my show has done a lot for The Gambia in terms of promoting the country. Some years back, I also took Ben TV to the Gambia to do a documentary for the country which we played for a month, series by series.

Waka Jagne

What advice would you give to sprouting talk show hosts?

To be positive, hardworking and determine.

Are you also thinking of starting your own TV station over the internet?

Would love to have my own TV Station, not online but a proper TV Station.

GRTS is about to switch from analogue to digital broadcasting. Do you think this could seriously affect the online TVs and radios?

GRTS going digital is welcome news. Would it affect Gambian online TV or Radio shows? I don't know.

Apart from Waka Jay Show, what’s your favorite online talk show?

All the shows that are portraying Gambia in a positive way. 


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