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Ahmed Gitteh abandons Fatou Camara and cuts ties with Fatu Radio
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Ahmed Gitteh abandons Fatou Camara and cuts ties with Fatu Radio

There is popular Wollof saying that goes “If everyone spits on you, you might end up completely soaked.”

It seems Fatou Camara would soon get completely submerged in expelled saliva. Achaa, nyu dem rek! Her list of people she fell out with is getting longer every day. The latest is Ahmed Gitteh.

He was a presenter on her online radio. In a strongly worded statement posted on his Facebook profile, Gitteh disclosed that the duo has finally gone their separate ways.

He wrote: “To all of you beautiful fans and listeners of AL-NGA-TAA program on Faturadio. I must say it was from the start amazing knowing you and being with you throughout. However, every human being has principles and guiding principles. I work for Fatou Camara for free and never asked for a cent and did my job most diligently and to the best of my ability. I defended her and fought her fights both in public and in private. I praised sang her and obeyed her like my mum and elder sister. Unfortunately, a totally different treatment came from her end.

“After carefully thinking about the whole thing I came to this conclusion. I regret to inform all of you loved ones that I HAVE RESIGNED FROM FATURADIO. Your genuine companies will be missed dearly.”

Gitteh is not the first person that abandoned Faturadio. Samsideen Phatey and Babou Abdoulie Jobe, who were both instrumental in the formation of the radio, also dumped Fatou Camara to start their own online news website.

Ahmed Gitteh is a talented radio and TV presenter. He started working with GRTS shortly after completing his senior secondary education. He now lives in Canada, where he is studying Electronics and Communications Engineering at the Carleton University.

The former Nusrat Senior Secondary School head boy is also one of the most significant young Gambian philanthropists in the Diaspora. He is the founder of Gitteh Foundation, which is sponsoring dozens of school children from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Meanwhile, a source close to Faturadio disclosed that Mama Linguere Sarr has also resigned. What’s On-Gambia will bring you more on that next week! 


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