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Bundung girl begs ex-boyfriend for another chance
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Bundung girl begs ex-boyfriend for another chance

She’s even ready to apologize for her mistakes she didn’t see just to get him back, but what else could Modou Suwareh want from a lover who vowed to stick with him till her last breath.

Fatou Jallow made a desperate appeal for the young businessman to forgive her and rekindle their romance.

She told What’s On-Gambia that Modou abruptly ended their relationship for reasons still unknown to her.

“I want the world to know that I love only him and will love him until my last breath. He means the world to me and I will not change him with nothing. I want to tell him that mistakes do happen and we go through many things but I want him to know he is my life.”

The Bundung girl revealed that she met the 31-year-old six years ago when she was 19.

“He is a mobile phone dealer. I met him when I went to repair my phone at the ‘black market’ in Serre Kunda.”

According to Fatou, Modou is the only man she wants to marry and start a family.

She said: “I like his smile. I like the way he looks at me. The best thing I like is whenever we are together he makes me laugh and he is so funny when he is happy with me.”

Fatou, who is still struggling to eat and sleep well since the breakup, said people are meddling in their relationship.


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