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Catholic girl writes emotional Facebook post defending Islam
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Catholic girl writes emotional Facebook post defending Islam

A Gambian catholic girl has spoken out in defence of Islam in a Facebook post that captured the hearts of many Gambians online.

Anna Senghore’s emotional post came after seeing the abuse directed at Muslims following the Paris and San Bernardino terrorist attacks.

The former choir singer reminded Facebook users that Islam is a peace-loving religion, stating that throughout her life she has lived with Muslims, and this has offered her the opportunity to know something about the religion that is frequently under a media microscope.

“I come from a country where there are approximately 95% Muslims and only 5% Christians and we all live in peace, love and harmony. Half of my family members are Muslims and we tolerate and respect each other’s Faith. Go to Gambia around Christmas and you would think the whole population consists of Christians. Muslims come out and celebrate our Christian feasts with us and we do the same for Muslim feasts,” she wrote.

Anna said she can’t sit and watch people portraying every Muslim as a terrorist. According to her, it breaks her heart.

“Can evil acts by these horrible extremists (probably less that 1% of the whole Muslim population) be used to discriminate the rest of the Muslim world? Christians and people of other faiths have committed a lot heinous crimes, but I don’t see them discriminated against.”

The young mother ended her post with a call for people to respect and tolerate each other.

“Please people, let’s learn to respect and tolerate each other for the sake of our children. We can do better. I pray for peace. May God soften our hearts!”

The post was shared by more than 40 people, with some applauding Anna’s stance against islamophobia.

One Fifi Dieng wrote:  “I respect and have high regards for you today than ever. We need people like you to take this message across boarders and break the frontiers.”


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