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Cheating allegations: Anna Manneh claps back at Trendy
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Cheating allegations: Anna Manneh claps back at Trendy

Former model and businesswoman, Anna Manneh has slammed her former BFF, Trendy Makeover CEO Ajie Amie (aka Trendy) in a furious rant after she was accused by Trendy of "dating" her husband.

The dark-skinned beauty turned to her Snapchat to clap back. She wrote: "Dega dega Miss/mrs trendy hewi teh buga hewat!!!Ya nyaka class.." To the extend of creating a fake snap user name exactly like Serigne's di doul just purr lan??? lol loulou yepp ding ko explain later.

"And let me tell you this!! danga tutti trop purr yaha man suma derr.. li nga def ni lum la jaral ding ko wah... full episodes la am purr yow ni....! Jot bi rek lai harr!!!

"Yow ngelewi Serigne sah mola ngen!!!! Njalo kat bou bon bi..aaaaaaa!! I'm so ready for this.

"You've failed!!!! And it's sad... next time yeah you fucking better get married for the right reasons!!!! And not try to create lies just to make yourself look good!!!! Then you can save us all this bullshit!!! Yow ya heartless!!! How dare you?

"You sitting there hiding behind fake accounts texting people in the name of Mariama Khan doul.. bu dey degala gaynal nga wah!!! Yow wakh rek ngai def you too quiet with this one!!! I'm shooketh! Walahi I was just waiting to hear pim! But still...

"So now I'm breaking in baby!!!! You motherfucker. Do to ko defati!!!"

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