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Chei aduna! The Truth about the feud between Fatou Camara and Mama Linguere
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Chei aduna! The Truth about the feud between Fatou Camara and Mama Linguere

What in the world has gone wrong between the queens of Faturadio? They were besties for years, fighting each other’s battle online. But Mama (Linguere) Sarr and Fatou Camara no longer sip communion wine from the same cup.

Mama confirmed through her Facebook page that she is no longer part of Faturadio – an online radio that she co-owned with the former GRTS presenter.

The Sweden-based political activist, who was a close friend to former APRC bigwigs, wrote: “I wish to appeal to everyone to respect all of our privacies at this defining moment. We are all friends and work colleagues and any issues are best handled internally and away from the public and thus my silence.”

Responding to Mama’s resignation, Fatou told her listeners that she doesn’t know exactly why her former bestie abandoned her. According to her, their friendship started 17 years ago when they were both living in The Gambia.

Mama has failed to disclose details of her beef with Fatou. But her parting is the latest of series of unceremonious good-byes bid by Faturadio workers, leaving Fatou in a world that revolves around her.  

What’s On-Gambiacan establish that there is more to their acrimonious separation than meets the ordinary eye.

A reliable source revealed: “They were running Faturadio under a 50-50 agreement. But when the listeners started increasing, Fatou surprisingly decided to sideline Mama. She hardly informed her about the money they were making from adverts and donations from well-wishers.”

According to the source, who begged for anonymity, the former Fatu Show presenter was also jealous of Mama’s growing popularity among political dissidents in the Diaspora.

Adding to her angst is the number of listeners her former bestie’s talk show, Today Gambia was raking in.

“To be honest, Mama was willing to resolve the conflict between them. Banka Manneh was the mediator, but everything collapsed when Fatou hung up the phone in anger. Banka was so disappointed that he had to call Mama to apologise,” said the source.

Most of the elders in the ‘struggle’ are downplaying any hint of a bitter feud between the famous duo. In fact, some of them want media outlets like What’s On-Gambia to zoom out from the ongoing crises atFaturadio.

Mam Linguere

Who is Mama Linguere Sarr?

According to a source, she joined the struggle after the arrest and detention of Fatou Camara in 2013. Mama wasn’t happy about her former BBF’s detention at the NIA headquarters in Banjul over allegations of spreading false news about the government.

The Sweden-based activist, who featured in one of Mass Lowe’s music videos, quickly became one of the best known female voices in the struggle.

Her quiet resignation from Faturadio, refusing to disclose what happened behind the scenes, was described by some as ‘classy’.

Isatou Jallow, one of the smartest and most beautiful women in the struggle, commended: “Class at its best. We will always love and support you. And your decisions will be respected. Good luck in any future endeavor you embark on.”

Mama is now working with the US-based online radio, Gainako


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