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Dad ‘abandons’ Gambian family for Danish woman
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Dad ‘abandons’ Gambian family for Danish woman

For the prospects of getting Danish Krone and Danish passport from his Danish woman he newly married, a Gambian Gibril Jatta, popularly known as Gboy, appears to have abandoned his Gambian family - twin daughters and wife.

This shocking claim was revealed to us by a woman who claims to be a close family friend.

According to her, Gboy has cut ties with her daughters and their mother immediately after he moved to Denmark.

She said: “His Gambian wife did everything possible to get in touch so that he can help the family but all her efforts were in vain. She said she can no longer take it.”

According to her, the Gambian wife tried contacting him again to send money for the girls’ tobaski clothes and shoes, but only to discover that he changed his number.

“One of her husband’s friends helped her with his new number. When she called him, he was furious warning her never to call again because he doesn’t want his Danish wife to know he has a family back in The Gambia.”

What’s On-Gambia is trying to locate Gibril Jatta aka Gboy. If you know anything about him, please send us a message on Facebook or at [email protected].

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