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Did you hear the rumour? Rapper Gee ‘narrowly escapes death’?
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Did you hear the rumour? Rapper Gee ‘narrowly escapes death’?

Rumors about the fatal car accident that happened on the Bertil Harding Highway are still circulating, mainly among social media users.

Can all the ‘weird rumors’ be really true? Well, according to reports reaching What’s On-Gambia, popular rapper Gee was partying with the victims few hours before the accident.

A source said: “I heard Gee was with them, and he could have been in that car that caught fire. He was really lucky!”

Following the accident that claimed the lives of some of his friends, the Bul Falleh Nyee hit maker took to Facebook to lash out at the people that first arrived at the scene. Gee was so furious that they could chose taking disturbing photos instead of helping to save lives.

The outspoken rapper also advised his huge followers to avoid reckless driving. He said: “I’m going to start with myself on this one. I drive fast most of the time and people would advise me to be more careful but at the back of your head, with more than a decade experience, I feel I’ve got this. Remember all it takes is ONE MISTAKE..ONE WRONG DECISION MADE. Let's learn from this people, this could’ve been anyone of us. They say "DAW NDANKA - DAL NDANKA " Drive slow so even when you are in an accident its less impact and your chance of surviving becomes higher.”

Recently, the presence of traffic policemen on the Bertil Harding Highway has been increased as part of a new strategy to put an end to over-speeding and drink/drug driving.

In a chat with What’s On-Gambia, police spokesman David Kujabi said they’re doing everything possible to save lives on the road.


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