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Disgraceful! The great Senegalese invasion on New Year’s Eve!
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Disgraceful! The great Senegalese invasion on New Year’s Eve!

This New Year’s Eve, Senegalese artists will be invading our country's entertainment hot spots, thanks to our so-called promoters. Instead of promoting our music and culture, they are busy robbing our artists a rare moment to shine and make money during the holidays.

These so-called promoters are quick to argue that The Gambia and Senegal are the same. What a blue lie, why do we have borders, two heads of states etc. They only say so because it serves their interest. This December (and previous ones) no Senegalese promoter came to The Gambia to sign a contract with our artists to perform in Dakar. Why must it always be one-way traffic?

On New Year’s Eve, over 15 Senegalese artists will breeze into town and clean us dry. Over 10 Sen Petit Galle kids will be performing at the independence stadium, Pape Thiopet too is coming, Wally Seck will back in town, Viviane Chidid is in, Momo Dieng is in etc.

I don't mind one or two on the same night, but over 15 is outrageous and disgraceful, to say the least. It must stop and has to stop. These human vultures calling themselves music promoters need to be stopped, they are killing the indigenous music industry.

The Musicians Union should stand up to these so-called promoters; engage the National Assembly’s select committee for culture to come up with laws to protect your collective interest. Either place a ban on foreign artists between December and January or a five-year blanket ban on all foreign artists.

In the English premier league or Spanish La Liga, they have laws to protect home-grown talents. In China, teams can only sign a maximum of three foreign players. All this is to protect the local players.

Gambia government please take note and protect our artists.

Saihou Sissoho

A Gambian music supporter


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