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The Gambia’s six most viewed music videos of 2017
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The Gambia’s six most viewed music videos of 2017

2017 was unarguably a great year for many Gambian musicians.

Dozens of new music videos were released and some of them garnered hundreds of thousands of views on the American video sharing website, YouTube. In this edition of What’s On-Gambia, we bring you the five most watched videos of the year.


Bijirr Bajarr – O Boy and Gambian Child

First on our list is O Boy and Gambian Child’s Bijirr Bajarr, which was uploaded on YouTube in October. It garnered more than 200,000views in less than two months.


Aabutong Loo – O Boy and Gambian Child

Aabutong Loois also another one by O boy and Gambian Child. It was released in February 2017 and has so far received nearly 400,000 views.


Mba Nyalin – O Boy and Gambian Child

Mba Nyalinwhich was uploaded in April by YouTube user, Hexza Heller has already gathered more than 100,000 views.


Anything Anything – Big Faa

Even though it was poorly produced, the video managed to garner more than 85,000 views with a lot of positive reviews from fans.


Jarama – Nobles

Nobles is undoubtedly the most popular boy band in the country right now. Their music video, Jarama, which was uploaded on YoutUbe in March, further proves the trio’s uniqueness.


Mandinka Warrior – ST

Produced by Sheik Tijan Secka, the music video was released was released in May. YouTuber user, Wizyamzy Saidy described Mandinka Warrior as the best music video of the year. 


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