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Dou Sanno:”I was offered $1000.00 to burn IEC building”
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Dou Sanno:”I was offered $1000.00 to burn IEC building”

Controversial political operative, Dodou Sanno, who is also an adviser to President Adama Barrow said some Gambians in the diaspora will stop at nothing in their quest to obtain permanent residence status, including setting The Gambia on fire.

In an interview with Gambia Talents Promotion’s Ndewenal crew, Dou recollected that in the aftermath of the 2006 Presidential election, he received a rather surprising phone call from a brother-in-politics who lives abroad.

The said brother told him that he wants him (Dou) to help mobilize the youths to go and burn down the head office of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). And their reward will be a thousand dollars ($1000.00) to be shared among themselves.

Quick-thinking Dou Sanno came with a counteroffer to his brother-in-politics. “I told him how about if I offer you $1500.00 with a return ticket for you to come down and burn the building yourself, but to my surprise, he declined my offer and to this day he never called me again.”

Dou urged Gambian youths to shun diaspora agitators who are egging them on from afar into meaningless protests. He said if they (diaspora agitators) cared that much, why can’t they come down to do it themselves instead of delegating it to some vulnerable people.


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