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E-Nyassi’s comeback single “Duma la bayi” – A musical renaissance in Gambia
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E-Nyassi’s comeback single “Duma la bayi” – A musical renaissance in Gambia

Fyah House Records is thrilled to announce the release of "Duma la bayi," the highly anticipated single from the golden-voiced E-Nyassi, marking his official return to the Gambian music scene. Set for release on July 5th, this song promises to be a groundbreaking addition to the landscape of African music.

"Duma la bayi," which translates to "I will not leave you" in Wolof, is not just a song; it's a statement. It signifies E-Nyassi’s first release under Fyah House Records and his profound return after a period of artistic evolution. Known for his captivating voice that has resonated throughout The Gambia and beyond, E-Nyassi’s latest work is expected to be a sonic masterpiece that blends traditional African rhythms with modern musical elements.

The anticipation for "Duma la bayi" has reached unprecedented levels. Fans and critics alike are eager to witness the rebirth of E-Nyassi’s musical journey, enriched by years of refinement and artistic growth. This single is poised to not only captivate his loyal fan base but also attract new listeners with its emotive depth and vibrant production.

"Duma la bayi" explores themes of loyalty, love, and unwavering commitment. Its release is timed perfectly as it follows the festive season, bringing a message of unity and lasting bonds to its audience. E-Nyassi's voice, described by many as golden and heart-touching, carries the weight of each lyric with a serene grace that only he can deliver.

Fyah House Records invites all fans, media partners, and music lovers to join in the celebration of this monumental release. The official music video for "Duma la bayi," produced by Double T, filmed in the stunning landscapes of Senegal and directed by the renowned Deejay Pac, will premiere on YouTube on July 5th. Do not miss this visual and auditory spectacle that beautifully complements the song's powerful message.

Who is E-Nyassi?

E-Nyassi is one of The Gambia’s most cherished musical talents. His journey began in 2006, inspired by various genres including rap mbalax, R&B, and Hip Hop. After years of honing his craft, E-Nyassi is ready to reaffirm his place in the music world with his latest project, promising to touch the hearts of listeners and critics alike.

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