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ECOMIG soldiers accused of impregnating girls in Bwiam
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ECOMIG soldiers accused of impregnating girls in Bwiam

Rumours are circulating in Bwian that some young women in the village were recently impregnated by ECOMIG soldiers. 

One of the girls (name withheld) is said to be mentally unstable. 

Composing of soldiers from neighbouring Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria, ECOMIG troops were sent to The Gambia after the 2016 Presidential Election to assist the army and police in protecting the country from external threats and maintaining internal security. 

Since their deployment to Foni, former President Yahya Jammeh's birthplace, there have been widespread allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct by the soldiers. 

The National Assembly Member for Foni Kansala, Hon. Musa Amul Nyassi told What's On-Gambia that he is aware of the rumours that some young women were impregnated.

"To be honest with you, I have been hearing it," he said.

Another resident of Fonia Kansala revealed: "Yes, I heard about the allegations. In fact, I was told that two soldiers once fought over a girl."

He added: "One of the girls, the latest to be impregnated, is mentally unstable and there were times that the girl's parents contacted the Social Welfare Office in Brikama for their intervention so that they can go and withdraw the child from her sick mum or take her to an orphanage for proper care."

However, a Senegalese soldier who was in Bwiam for six months denied the allegations saying: “During my six months, I cannot remember hearing anything like that. If you want, I can ask my colleagues for you.”

The ECOMIG forces will remain in the country until March 2020. According to ECOWAS' Jean Claude Brou, the troops have a very important role in the New Gambia. 

What's On-Gambiais still investigating the allegations against them. More details coming!


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