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Attack makes history, breaks QCity attendance record
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Attack makes history, breaks QCity attendance record

With more than 12,000 fans, Attack has nabbed QCity's highest attendance record to date. 

The young rapper, who was virtually unknown two years ago, broke the record set last year by Senegalese superstar and Grammy award-winning singer, Youssou N'Dour. 

The Manager at QCity, Omar Jallow disclosed: "At least 15,000 people were there. The ground and the football field were both packed with fans."

One of the first people to congratulate to Attack was controversial rapper Killa Ace. He wrote on Facebook: "Congrats Attack. proud to watch homie grow into the big dawg fast. From the Cypher Rap Battles to filling up Q City."

DJ Dafabulous Promotions also wrote: "QCity was mad filled to the max. All the international musicians who had shows there couldn't fill it like that. Good look for our music industry. 

He added: "Attack could have filled up the Independence Stadium for real cos he pulled the biggest crowd ever in QCity, it's unprecedented."

Attack isn't the first Gambian artist to take over a big venue, but he's the first who made history at QCity after performing in front of a sold-out crowd. 


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