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EFSTH doctor in trouble for touching girl’s leg
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EFSTH doctor in trouble for touching girl’s leg

A young woman has threatened to expose a doctor at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital for touching her leg.

She revealed to What's On-Gambia that the doctor offered her a lift in his car from Tippa Garage to Bakoteh and started touching her leg.

Here is the doctor's conversation with the young woman after the incident:

DOCTOR: Hi Mariam! Nakam? Long tym. How is work?
MARIAM: Work is fine.
DOCTOR: You left me y? N u never explain to me upto now.
MARIAM: Excuse me? I barely know you.
DOCTOR: Yea but what went wrong. If u don't speak, I will not know. I suspect the touch I made must have offended u. But I apologize that am sorry. Apologies once again.
MARIAM: Well dear, no disrespect but you're definitely not the kind of guy I mingle with, first impression says a lot about a person's character....so please don't apologize for being yourself.
DOCTOR: I am an open-minded someone n i mean no ill-fated issue by that action. Now I know the type of person u are. I will surely avoid such. Pls accept the apology.
MARIAM: Again, I hold no grudges against you.
DOCTOR: Tnx dear. How is ur day?
MARIAM: It's going well.

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