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Fashion with Mariam: How to make shopping a bit easier
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Fashion with Mariam: How to make shopping a bit easier

Shopping for clothes is not always an easy thing to do. For some it comes natural to go into a store and grab what they want while for others it can be nerve racking.

I would say do not over think, when you are about to step out of your house to go shopping. Relax and take your time and have fun. Try out different items and see what suits you best. Why not take a friend along for extra help or even your mum (my mum is always my mirror).issa-ladies-long-black-silk-jersey-339980-102126 zoom

Personally, when I go shopping I mainly buy items that I can pair up easily with other items that I already have at home. I also tend to look at the quality of the item (s).

Another important thing is - know your body type and what you like! Try to stay true to yourself and in this way you can never go wrong or buy something that’s out of your comfort zone.

Always ask the storekeeper, what their returning policy is. In this way you can go home and try the items you have bought a second time to see if you truly like it or not.

Here are few tips:

Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap BagGood quality handbag: Invest in a bag that can be used during different occasions.

Blazer: It's great to dress up in casual outfits. I would recommend darker colors like navy or black for flexibility of use.

 Maxi skirt: The versatility is huge, great staple in a wardrobe.

Black scarf: The most important item in every ebadu’s wardrobe. It can be matched with every outfit.

 Boyfriend Jeans: They are loose and comfortable as well as chic.


The white tee: It is a complete style essential. It’s great to wear under your blazer and as for lazy days over a pair of loose pants.

Black pumps:  Every girl needs a good pair of black pumps.

Long black dress: It is as simple as when in doubt wear black.

Take it easy and enjoy your shopping!


Mariam Jobe is a Gambian fashionista based in Sweden. She has a page on Facebook called Style by Mariam. The page is more like a platform for her to share her love for fashion, shopping and style with fellow fashionistas.

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