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Fatou Badjie: They stole my kidney in Lebanon
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Fatou Badjie: They stole my kidney in Lebanon

A young woman has claimed her kidney was harvested without her knowledge or consent while working as a housemaid for a Lebanese family in Lebanon.  

Fatou Badjie disclosed in a Facebook live interview with Swedish- Gambian lawyer, Lovette Jallow that she was shocked when she discovered one of her kidneys was removed from her body.  

Lured by the promise of a well-paid job in the hospitality industry, she arrived in Lebanon in 2014 when she was just 24 years old.  

" When I arrived at the airport, all my documents were taken away from me," said Fatou. 

She worked as a housemaid for a family that had a cancer-ridden father. The young Gambian disclosed she was his sole carer for more than one year without salary.  

According to Fatou, her kidney was stolen while on a medical check-up. Her boss was present. 

"I went to see the doctor, the next thing I could remember was I dozed off. I woke up, I could not feel my stomach. The only thing I was feeling was pain. I couldn't move my body." 

She managed to return to The Gambia after paying about $2000 to regain her freedom of movement.  


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