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Fatou Camara and UDP supporters’ war of words escalates
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Fatou Camara and UDP supporters’ war of words escalates

The war of words between Fatou Camara and UDP supporters has recently escalated as they dubbed the former State House Director of Press a “hypocrite”, a few hours after she criticised President Barrow’s performance at the 61st Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights.

In a Facebook live video that garnered more than 35,000 views, Fatou urged the Gambian leader to always rehearse his speeches.

According to her, Barrow’s speechwriters should ensure he understands what he reads in public.

In turn, a number of UDP supporters in the Diaspora slammed the former Press Director on social media for her comment against the president.

One of the most outspoken young supporters of the party, Wandifa Sanneh said Fatou’s comment is an insult to the presidency.

For Facebook user Mangding Kah, “Fatou should face justice for working for the former president as a close aide.”

Hitting back, the mother-of-three wrote: “We cannot and should not exclude common sense from politics. From what I’m seeing, it looks more like misinterpreting everything to suit one’s agenda.”

“Gambians, let’s continue holding our Government accountable, it has nothing to do with hate. It’s about protecting what we have and not allowing our country to slide into what happened the past 23 years. We know it is a different government but let’s keep our eyes wide open and voice our opinions, we elected them so we have a say in how we are governed.”

She added: “Do not confuse the two, speaking up has nothing to do with hating the Government”.


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