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Meet the young leaders of Occupied Westfield
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Meet the young leaders of Occupied Westfield

Many Gambians have been wondering who are the figures spearheading the protest against NAWEC and What’s On Gambia has endeavoured to unveil them.

The leader of the group is Alieu Bah, a former editorial writer for theStandard Newspaper. He’s also a member of different youth groups that promote democratic values including human rights.

His assistant is a law student at the University of The Gambia, Ya Mallen Jagne who is also a volunteer with Think Young Women.

Kumbo Mboge, a law degree holder, who graduated from one of India’s top universities, is also a member.

Another famous member is Gallas Ceesay.  He was one of the few young Gambians who spoke openly against former President Jammeh during the political impasse.

Other members of Occupied Westfield include rapper Killa Ace, Lamin Sey, Tony F. Mendy, Alieu Alvin Ceesay and Babucarr Nyang.

In an interview with Alieu Bah, he said the protest is not cancelled: “It’s only postponed to accord respect to the government by engaging the dialogue process.”

On the gender disparity in his committee: “We are working to fix that since this committee itself is just ad hoc and was created during it all. It would suffice to say that we are trying to move from a moment to a movement. To transition towards an organization.”

When asked what they want from the government, he responded: “We had a declaration called "The Declaration of the occupation of Westfield" and in it, we clearly stated what our demands are.”

Alieu said protest is an important recipe in a democracy because it doesn't take recourse to bowing down, begging, shuffling, trifling to the powers that be.


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