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Fula man snatches popular Jola journalist
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Fula man snatches popular Jola journalist

Wedding bells rang in the GRTS building when popular broadcaster Aminata E Sanyang last week married her sweetheart Musa Baldeh - himself a media practitioner.

News of the union was trendy online, especially among media and civil society circles with well-wishers and friends sharing very glamourous pictures of the couple.

The bride and groom look fabulously stunning in their wedding photos with both of them wearing pristine white attires. Baldeh wore a three-piece grand-bobu completed with a hat while Aminata had a figure-hugging dress fitted with a flowing train and glittering jewels on the upper part.

Currently, Aminata E Sanyang is one of the star journalists at GRTS -renowned for her knack for in-depth reporting and human-interest stories.

She is a fellow of the DW Constructive Journalism Fellowship programme run by the German global media outfit Deutsche Welle. Musa is a communication practitioner and an alumni of the YALI Fellowship of the US Embassy.

Not clear where the two met but both Musa and Aminata attended the same School of Journalism and Digital Media at the University of The Gambia. Musa was also a mentor on a kids' show anchored by Aminata.

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