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Gambia bans frozen food from flights
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Gambia bans frozen food from flights

The Gambia Civil Aviation Authourity has temporarily banned passengers from carrying frozen food in their baggage when leaving the Banjul International Airport.  

An official at the airport told What's On-Gambia: "The ban will be lifted soon after installing our new x-ray machines." 

She added: "If there is no ban, people might start smuggling drugs from The Gambia inside frozen food since there are no machines to detect illegal substances."  

In a letter sent to their customers last week, SN Brussels wrote: "We are sorry to inform you that frozen foodstuff are not allowed on Brussels Airlines flights from Banjul until further notice.." 

The Banjul International Airport is still under renovation. The project which involves an exhaustive overhaul of the Terminal Building including the expansion of the structure and provision of more services, will cost over $14 million.  

The new x-ray machines that are yet to be installed are expected to make security checks more effective. 


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