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Gambian ‘back way’ migrants languishing in German asylum camps
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Gambian ‘back way’ migrants languishing in German asylum camps

Even after escaping the perils of the deadly Mediterranean seas, some illegal migrants are still far removed from grabbing the riches they risked their lives for.

Hundreds of Gambian ‘back way’ migrants are languishing in asylum camps in Germany, the most popular destination for  ‘back way’ migrants - who transit from recipient countries, such as Spain and Italy.

With the surge in refugees from different parts of the world, the government of Angela Merkel has apparently been unable to provide them with the attention and care they desperately need.

Lamin Trawally (not his real name) arrived in Germany a couple of months ago. He registered as an unaccompanied and underage asylum seeker.

“I am staying at camp where I am the only Gambian,” he told Whats On -Gambia. “There are so many of us in Germany now and things are becoming increasingly difficult. I am waiting to turn 18 so that I can file my application.”

Lamin revealed that some of them, who have families to take care of in The Gambia, are now involved in criminal activities like drug selling.

He said: “This is spoiling our image and it could deny us the opportunity to remain in Germany legally.”

Despite all the difficulties they are facing, according to Lamin, they are not ready to return home empty-handed.

“Sometimes we lie to our friends and family, but only God knows what we are facing here.”

The number of Gambians taking the back way to Europe has risen sharply. Only a few days ago, dozens of them were feared dead after a boat carrying migrants capsized in the Mediterranean Sea.


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