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Gambians want Barrow to step down after three years
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Gambians want Barrow to step down after three years

Gambians want President Barrow to stick to the three-year term as agreed by the seven political parties that formed the coalition.

More than 200,000 people voted for Barrow bringing an end to Jammeh’s over two decades rule that was characterised by human rights violations.

Now, they want the country’s new president to step aside after three years and allow Gambians to have a “proper presidential election”, according to an opinion poll created by UK-based political activist, Babou Njie Sallah.

Asked how many years Barrow should serve in office, more than 50 percent of respondents want him to stick to the 3-year agreement contained in the Coalition’s MoU.

The poll indicated that Gambians voted for the Coalition because they wanted to remove former President Jammeh from State House.

“Mr President, stick to the agreement. Gambians are watching,” commented one Lamin Njie.

However, one Abdou Touray argued that three years is too short for Barrow to accomplish anything.

“Actually the coalition gave themselves the option to serve the full term if they came short in fulfilling their main objectives.

“I have said from the beginning that the three year term was unrealistic. In fact, I expect the future to be also engaged in undoing Jammeh's disasters.

“It takes times to review and repeal legislation, implement structural changes to both institutions and society. Don't underestimate the task at hand it is huge.

We must hold these guys accountable but please understand that there are no magic bullets.”

In an interview with a French TV channel, President Barrow said he might serve for five years as dictated by the constitution.


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