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Gee debuts Bul Falleh Nyee video…and launches That Feeling album
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Gee debuts Bul Falleh Nyee video…and launches That Feeling album

It’s not a joke; a new Gee (Gibou Bala-Gaye) music era is upon us. The popular rapper has just released a video for his highly praised song Bull Falleh Nyee and this was followed by the launching of the album That Feeling. And Gambians are loving it!

The music video sees Gee rapping while driving a fancy car. Other scenes include a group of sabaar drummers, with girls dancing up off the ground and twisting their hips with the beat as well as shaking their fondehs. Yes Gee, Senegambian music is about rhythm and dance.

One of his fans on Facebook described the video as a clear testimony that a new generation is taking over the music industry. Austrian-based Gambian reggae singer, Ras Askia also wrote: “Nice one Gee. I can see you setting trends in a bigger way. Keep doing what you do, because people like it and that’s what matters in the end. Borom baah nga!”

The Bul Falleh Nyee song is about people, who love to pretend to be someone they’re not . Gee raps: “..good for nothing call after 01:00 only when calls are free.”

Ceesay Waggeh, a music lover residing in Bundung, disclosed to What’s On –Gambia that she was recently at her local market and surprisingly heard an elderly woman singing the song to her fellow vendors.

“It’s the song on everyone’s lips, right now!” she said.

Just few days after the video release, Gee invited his fans to the launching of his latest album That Feeling. The album can be described as the rapper’s best offering since he threw his hat into the ring to become one of Gambia’s most success musicians.

The launch, which took place at the Sunswing Hotel, was attended by Gambian celebrities and musicians. Hundreds of enthusiastic fans thronged the venue to see him belt out some of his songs.

Among the rappers present was his former rival, Trobul Smallz. Are your surprised? The two were known for dissing each other about swag and who gained ground. The ‘Trobul’ rapper’s presence was seen by many as a strategy to officially announce his reconciliation with the present king of rap.

He went further to congratulate Gee on his Facebook wall; “Congrats fam u did it Biggggggggggggggggggggg last nyt.... #That Feeling!!”

The Bul Falleh Nyee rapper, who has already established his dominance, was quick to respond to the open congratulatory message: “That feeling!!! Thanks for passing thru really appreciate it .. u came late I kno u ain't got a copy .. hit me up after ma pass la bena.”

Unlike most young Gambian artists, Gee knows how to write a catchy tune and get all the girls screaming his name like lunatics. Even aunty Fatou Camara of Fatou show, is a Gee screamer!

Here we bring you the Bul Falleh Nyee video!


Photo: © Banjul Nightlife -GRTS

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