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Gee on Killa Ace, Mina Manneh, Gambian music, cyber warriors and more
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Gee on Killa Ace, Mina Manneh, Gambian music, cyber warriors and more

Award-winning rapper, Gee has retired from his unpopular retirement. The self-appointed watchdog of Gambian music is back on the scene. He released a hit single that takes a swipe at fellow rapper Killer Ace, who fled the country after a song that criticises the government.

What’s On-Gambia: Congratulations on your new single, Tarrgeh La. Great job!

Gee:Thanks! I wouldn’t call it a single, my fans needed to hear from me. The rumours and speculations were becoming too much.

Can you tell us a little bit about the single?

It’s a song that would take you into a Gambian artist’s life, how most of us base our careers on hope and nothing solid. What we encounter as artists, because sometimes fans forget we're normal people like everyone else and also want a life.

Why did you take a shot at Killa Ace in the song?

Ace is someone I knew all throughout my musical career. When we kicked it, wrote raps, put shows together, there wasn’t a Cypher, or Team Gee or these cyber warriors.

When he dropped the track Ku Buga C Geta B, I posted on twitter "the REALEST hip-hop track to ever come outta Gambia" and it’s true. Not the music itself, the song structuring is poor and so was the delivery BUT content wise he said a lot of things that run through people's mind but decide to stay quiet. I’d give him props for that.

The story after the track is what I am not down with. If Gee was to say such I’d say it being in The Gambia and would be ready to face whatever comes with it. That’s how you change things.

Ace played a huge role in Gambian music, the Cypher is a section of its own, something you can’t leave out when it comes to Gambian music. The Cypher wouldn’t be the same without Ace, that’s the truth. He's basically the face of it.

So why leave all this to join the cyber warriors to fight an internet war? If it was paying I wouldn’t be mad at him, but we all know how it goes. I feel no one is in the right shoes better than I am as an artist to tell him how I feel and I bet it’s how a lot of people out here feel too. We miss him!

Are you jealous of Killa Ace for his new-found fame?

Come on, anyone that knows Gee personally will tell you it’s not part of my character. When Ace first dissed me it was for popularity and that’s how 95% of his recent fans know him. I didn’t respond because I was about to drop That Feeling. It’s a love album, nothing that has that beef vibe. 

I’ m not jealous. I’m a fan of Ace the artist, not Ace the activist. If his music (talent) got him platforms he is getting now and not because of opposing the government that would have made fans like me extremely happy.

You are undoubtedly the most talked-about rapper in the country. Why do you think that is?

I guess I have loyal fans, a huge following. I make music that music lovers can’t resist. The most important of all 'a story' - what 95% of our artist lack, substance.

What is your problem with Minah Manneh?

(Laughs) I called Ace's move a 'Mina Manneh', when he tried applying for asylum. My listeners got the point.

I didn’t notice we had problems until she made a post on Facebook. Interestingly, she tagged me on twitter after the release of the song and we laughed over it. I remember telling her I’m going to make another track with the title,GeeYaSorna just because of the conversation we were having on twitter, she then said she'll do a female version.

Come on, Mina should have just kept quiet and not bring attention to herself with that Facebook post nak.

Is it true that she was a huge fan of yours?

I have no idea. I only knew her name when she left.

Why would you suggest in your song that she lied to gain asylum in the UK?

Did I say that? I don’t remember saying that.

Is the Gambian music industry dead?

I wouldn’t say dead but it has been a repetition of the same thing, year after year, not an environment for someone very ambitious and aiming for the stars. If you’re an artist that is content with just dropping albums, low quality videos, limited platform, little pay then YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

You openly criticised T Smallz Suso's latest single. Why?

Come on What’s On-Gambia, that’s a track I’d be embarrassed to play for anyone and call it Senegambia. It is very, very, very poorly structured. I just wanted to hang myself to be honest. If he did those melodic raps he does sah mu tanneh.

I heard Smallz on better tracks. He could’ve done better.  No grudge, because I see him really pushing it and people aren’t paying mind to it. Someone texted me ‘thank God you said something about that track, it’s horrible’.

Which young rapper do you see following your footsteps?

To be Gee, consistency and your work rate should be hundred percent. Jizzle is pushing and he's not trying to be like anybody else in the industry. That I like. If he continues like this in a few years he'd get there. But as at right now, I don’t see anyone. I left that throne for months and no one sat on it (laughs).

What are your thoughts on the Open Mic?

It needs to grow and stick to the initial plan. Open Mic is meant to discover artists, so I think it needs to base the show around New Acts and not artists that have been around for years which includes me.  Maybe three established artists (Gambian level of course), one old school like they usually do and the rest all new acts that are making noise throughout the year.  Competition is good for an industry.

Other platforms should be created for the already established ones and leave the Open Mic for the young ones. But all said and done you can’t disrespect Blacklynx.

Why do you have problem with cyber warriors (online political activists)?

Since they've been putting their mouths into our little music scene, every artist should make it their problem. I ignore most of them but love having fun with the dumb ones to make them feel relevant.

We're doing music; politics can just stay at politics. Bu nyu gai sornal.

Did you ever consider joining politics?

Nope, never and thank you. Not my thing!

Finally, is Gee back in music?

Gee came back to leave the right way and not just leaving my fans hanging without a proper explanation and goodbye.


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