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Getting in a nightclub underage, police spokesman clarifies
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Getting in a nightclub underage, police spokesman clarifies

In the past two-years there has been an increase in the number of school-going children patronizing night clubs and concert venues. 

“I’ve just realized that my niece who is 16 was in a nightclub last Koriteh. I’m wondering where I can report this, so that immediately action is taken to stop teenagers from visiting nightclubs,” a concerned aunt wrote to What’s On-Gambia. 

Although nightclubs in the country have bouncers, it’s very easy for underage clubbers to get past the door. They’re hardly asked to produce their identity cards. 

DJs like Gfaal and Pisces are also known for organizing all-ages events. Lamin Darboe, who was at Gfaal’s Miss Dancehall Contest in Brikama said; “I don’t think Gfaal cares about age. As long as you can afford a ticket to come in, he is cool!” 

Most of the teenagers that patronize the nightclubs are always involved in violence, such as instigating fights, assault and brawling. They indulge in cigarettes, marijuana and even alcohol use. 

Speaking to What’s On-Gambia, the spokesman for The Gambia Police Force, David Kujabi called on parents and elders in the society to help in protecting children 

He said; “From a legal perspective, there is no law that specifically prohibits children below the age of eighteen from entering night clubs. However, the Children's Act enacted in 2005 provides amongst many things, rights of a child in need of special protection measures. Section 12 (1) of the Children's Act stipulates: " Every child who is in need of special protection measures, has a right to any such measure that is appropriate to his or her physical, social, economic and mental needs and under conditions which ensure his or her dignity, promote his or self-reliance and active participation in the affairs of the community. 

12 (2) Every person, authority, body or institution having the care or responsibility for ensuring the care of a child in need of special protection measures shall endeavor, within the available resources, to provide the child with such assistance and facilities which are necessary for his or her education, training, preparation for employment, rehabilitation, and recreational opportunities in a manner conducive to his or her achieving the fullest possible social integration, individual development and his or her cultural and moral development.” 

Kujabi added that it is the responsibility of club owners to ensure that the underage are not allowed into their premises.  “In my opinion, no social or corporate responsibility is greater than the one of protecting the future generation of The Gambia.” 

He disclosed that the presence of the police at public gathering, even when necessary, is always frowned upon by the society. 

“The police are concerned, but this is not a task that should be shouldered by only the police, parents, members of the society and the club owners should also be on board,” the police spokesman concluded. 


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