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Government is still splashing our money on luxury cars
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Government is still splashing our money on luxury cars

Do you know that the Gambia government is still buying luxury cars for ministers, permanent secretaries and senior government officials?

Sources disclosed to What’s On-Gambia that since Adama Barrow came to power in 2017, millions of dollars have been spent on luxury vehicles, some of which were shipped from other countries.

One of the most recent senior government officials to receive a luxury car is the managing director of the Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS), Abdou Touray. His car is said to be worth more than D4.9m.

“I think the GRTS boss is dumb for purchasing such an expensive car. I was told it cost about 100,000 US Dollars. He could have settled for a more moderate car with less attention. Everyone talks about it even in government circles,” said a source at the Quadrangle.

One Adama Cham disclosed: “Senior government officials are now in competition. The one with the most luxury car is the most "Tekki" one. They call it "Bugasa Boppa". Gone are the days when institutions used to compete on the basis of excellent service delivery to the poor Gambians. The situation we are in is indeed sad!”

US-based Freedom Newspaper recently disclosed the Gambia government owes TK Motors D3000m for vehicles they ordered from them.

While the government continues to splash out on luxury cars, ordinary Gambians, including civil servants, are still struggling to make ends meet. Service delivery remains poor, while schools and hospitals are severely underfunded.


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