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GRA refers ex-officer notorious for fraud to police
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GRA refers ex-officer notorious for fraud to police

Following fresh allegations of fraud and impersonation, former customs officer Alkali Dukureh has been referred to the police for arrest and prosecution by the Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA).

According to a letter addressed to the Inspector General of Police, which was seen by What’s On-Gambia, GRA was forced to report him to police for prosecution after fresh allegations of fraud and impersonation.

“ A few days ago, [GRA] Management received a complaint from a taxpayer named [name withheld for privacy purposes], alleging that Mr. Dukureh impersonated an officer of the Authority and collected the sum of D79, 000 (seventy-nine thousand Dalasi) from him under the pretext that the amount is a taxable sum and will be paid to the accounts of the Authority on behalf of the said taxpayer”, the letter stated.

GRA is concerned that if Dukureh activities are left unchecked could damage the reputation and credibility of the authority, which could undermine their ability to collect revenue for the state.

Mr. Dukureh was sacked in July last year by authorities at The Gambia Revenue Authority after a string of corruption scandals involving him. He was found to have been involved in extorting unsuspecting businessmen and taxpayers among other unprofessional and illegal acts.

Keen observers have noted with disappointment that Dukureh is still walking as a freeman despite mounting documentation evidence of criminal activity against him.

What’s On -Gambia will investigate and expose whether Dukureh has police officers in his pocket who are protecting him.


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