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Has Banjul Nightlive lost its sparkle?
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Has Banjul Nightlive lost its sparkle?

More than one year after Ida Bidwell left Banjul Nightlive (BNL), fans and critics are split on the newly-revamped entertainment show.

The new presenters are former radio DJ, Afrodeezy Njie and law graduate, Mariama Kassama. Reviews have been mixed, with some people arguing that BNL lost its sparkle since Ida’s departure.

“Banjul Nightlive won’t be the same, Ida was the real deal,” said Arabi B Sillah in the USA.

Fatisha Barbie Liebling added: “Ida was the real deal. Kui gena TV danga am qualities yi and Ida had it all. Hope they can live up to her. I’m expecting nothing less.”

Some viewers suggested, Moeblac should stay with production and let Mariama Kassama take over Word on the Streets. According to them, he is a bit boring and not funny in the slightest.

“It is completely disrespectful to randomly speak English to people he knows won’t understand it,” said a viewer.

New presenter Afrodeezy Njie has been given the thumbs up from fans, but her co-presenter, Mariama hasn't had such a warm reception.

“Mariama is new in the broadcasting field and needs time to develop. I think Afro should be the only presenter, or if both of them are going to continue presenting then they need an autocue. Mariama always looks worried about what to say,” said a media pundit.

Afrodeezy was praised for her interesting and well organized interview with Singateh.

BNL is one of the most popular entertainment shows on GRTS. It was started by Moeblac and his former wife Ida Bidwell. The show took a brief break after their famous divorce. 


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