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He is involved in many different things: Interview with Brikama boy, Modou Lamin Jammeh
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He is involved in many different things: Interview with Brikama boy, Modou Lamin Jammeh

Modou Lamin Jammeh is a famous young man in Brikama, Kombo Central. Unlike most of his peers, he has his finger in many pies. Read below our interview with him:

What’s On-Gambia: Tell us briefly about yourself?

Modou Lamin: I’m Modou Lamin Jammeh alias Scouching Bleeching D’ Sultan. I was born and brought up in Brikama, but originally from Badibou Illiassa. I graduated from Armitage Senior Secondary School as an arts student and later studied Mass Communication and Journalism.

I’m a journalist by profession, a graphic designer and a music promoter.  I also do event advertising as well as event hosting (MC). I’m also serving as the spokesman for High Profile Movement (HPM).

We know you are a budding graphic designer. What made you interested in designing?

Well designing is a thing I have always loved to do since I was young, even though it was not my plan to make it a career, as journalism was already chosen. However, it is something I have never studied; I am just doing it out of passion after realizing that it is a God-given talent.

Modou Lamin

How do you make sure you get useful and insightful feedback on your designs?

I always try to spend much time on my work in order to produce better stuff by using a whole lot of creative measures. A lot of people have individually approached me to express appreciation towards my work.

You are also involved in event advertising and hosting. Tell us more about it?

I do event advertising together with my brother and friend Dembo Jobarteh alias D-Jobz. Usually, I will do the voicing in English Language and he will do it in the local languages. We started doing it few years ago and our work is appreciated and being played in almost all the radio stations in The Gambia. Besides, we have worked with a whole lot of artists and promoters to prepare radio advertisements for their events.

Is it true that you are sometimes referred to as the Junior Aziz Wilan?

(Laughs) Well so many people would say that though, because they feel our voices and flows on adverts are virtually indistinguishable. Aziz is my master and as well a good friend. He is indeed a great man who has a lot of experience and technical knowhow in advertising, so I respect him for that and look up to him. 

Birkama boy

Can you tell us a bit about working with ST?

I am working with ST as his Media Director and I feel very comfortable working with him. He’s a brother and friend. We have known each other since we were young.

Name four local artists whose work you particularly enjoy?

ST, Benjahmin, Artenola, and Manding Morry.

Are you still working with the Daily Observer?

Yes I am; and I love the company so much.

What is your relationship status?

Well I would love to keep that personal (Suturo Kono).

You live in Brikama. Tell us what you like about your town?

I love everything about Brikama and I’m very proud to be its citizen. One of the things I love most about Brix is the high level of solidarity that exists between the people. The people of Brix always stand by one another in times of need and all that. 

Any final words?

I would love to use this opportunity to urge Gambians to close ranks and work collectively towards the development of our beloved nation. I would also love to express sincere appreciation to my very good brother, friend and coworker, Dembo Jobarteh alias D-Jobz for always standing firm on the ground for me in both difficult and cool situations.

I am extending regards to my family and friends for the encouragement and support.  I must also commend the effort of What’s On -Gambia for the wonderful and interesting publications and I will urge them to keep up the good patriotic work.  But they should also stop revealing every secret that they come across and learn how to keep certain things under the carpet (Suturo Kono).


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