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Here are 5 of Gambia’s poorest musicians
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Here are 5 of Gambia’s poorest musicians

In The Gambia, majority of young musicians are struggling to keep a flow of income. Here are five of the poorest musicians who have less than D5, 000 in their bank accounts.


He is an afro-manding singer from Badibu but living in the Kanifing Municipality. Badibunka’s most popular song since launching his career is “kanu musu” featuring Sandeng.

Bro K

He’s also another Badibunka afro-manding singer who once headlined the Open Mic Festival.

MC Mbye

He is still struggling to find his break in the music industry. MC Mbaye is a rapper who was once under the tutelage of Mo Hawk.

Samba Bah

He is unquestionably one of the richest musicians during Jammehs era, but now the “nyancho la nyancho” hit maker is struggling to make ends meet.

Tas man

He was a member of the Da Fugitivz - The Gambia s first international rap group. Tassman went broke shortly after the fall of the group.


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