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Here are the police officers who allowed a Mauritanian paedophile to roam scot-free
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Here are the police officers who allowed a Mauritanian paedophile to roam scot-free

A 37-year-old Mauritanian paedophile, Cheikh Elamine is now walking the streets of The Gambia with "impunity" after allegedly bribing police officers in Brusubi and Banjul.

His estranged Portuguese wife, Marie Da Silva told What's On-Gambia: "I reported him to the police after discovering a memory card belonging to him that contains naked photos and videos of young girls. One of them was 14 years old."

Instead of opening an investigation into the sexual abuse allegations against Cheikh, Marie was arrested and dragged to court for "stealing" her husband's memory card.

However, the magistrate at the Brusubi Social Security Tribunal, Mrs F. Darboe-Barry refused to send her to Mile 2 Prison. In her ruling, she said: "The court is not a dumping ground and we are here to ensure justice is done but not to oppress any person. The court firmly believes the prosecution is unnecessarily dragging the matter because they do not have any witness."

Marie was set free and allowed to leave the country.

Shortly after arriving in Portugal last week, she told What's On-Gambia: "I don't think they will arrest Cheikh, because he gives police officers a lot of money."

Here are some of the police officers who allegedly received money from the 37-year-old Mauritanian.


Fatou Njie

She is the head of the Child Welfare department at the Brusubi Police Station. In a letter sent to the Inspector General of Police, Marie's lawyer, Borry Touray of Crown Chambers disclosed that her client's passport bearing No. N457727 was seized by Fatou Njie.

"Under no circumstances should her passport be withheld by any police officer for whatsoever reason," wrote Lawyer Touray.

He continued: "It would interest to know that the said passport is with the said Fatou Njie and she has refused to surrender it and it is my client's fear that the said passport has been handed to my client's estranged husband."

The passport was never returned to Marie and she had to apply for an emergency travel document from the Portuguese Embassy in Dakar.

The deputy admin at the Police Headquarters, S.Jawo revealed  in a letter  dated 24th  July, 2019, "the passport got missing from the police when it was used as a surety."


Ramou Sambou

Ramou is the head of the Child Welfare Unit at the Police Headquarters in Banjul. She allegedly deleted all the naked images in the memory card and ordered some officers at the Banjul Police Station to arrest Cheikh’s estranged wife.

“She insulted me very badly,” said Marie.


Kebba Jobe

He works with the Anti-Crime Unit. Kebba is said to be one of Cheikh’s police friends. The estranged wife revealed: “He is one of the officers who are protecting him. After my arrest, he went to the compound we were renting in and warned the watchman, Edrisa not to disclose anything about Cheikh’s sexual misconduct with girls.”

Kebba was Cheikh's witness at the Cadi Court when Marie applied for divorce. 

More names and explosive revelations coming soon!


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