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How Ndey Wadda made Anna Manneh famous
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How Ndey Wadda made Anna Manneh famous

Once upon a time, Anna Manneh had no time to date celebrities. Because she was busy cleaning Ndey Wadda’s shoes and accompanying her to social gatherings.

Rumours have it that Ndey made the model-turned- designer famous.

“Ndey was the big boss and she contributed a lot in creating the Anna Manneh we see today,” said a source, who claims to be close to both girls.

According to the source, the former model’s friendship with Ndey, who now lives in the USA, got her a good amount of exposure before making it big herself, but the relationship quickly crumbled.

Ndey is said to have introduced her to the Gambian music industry, where she went on to have brief dalliances with famous singers like Abou Mbaye and appeared on more than three music videos.

Anna’s current boyfriend, China-based footballer, Steve Trawally is Ndey’s ex-flame. 


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